10 Important Strategy to Crack SSC Exam

 10 Important Strategy to Crack SSC Exam

Every year lakhs of aspirants fill the form of SSC-CGL in the hope to become a group ‘B’ officer of Central Government, but only a few thousand are able to realize their dream. They are not any different from the others, They just do a few things differently. In this blog, I will be highlighting 10 such points that can give your preparation a much-needed extra edge.

1. Study Material: Chose the set of books you find most suitable for yourself and stick to that material. Covering every book in the market is not going to help you, instead of that, go through the same material over & over again. Remember, everyone has more or less similar material at their disposal. It’s what you do with it that changes everything.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee

2. Mock test, Mock test, Mock test! : Mock tests are one of the most crucial aspects of your preparation. It helps you to assess your position among the competition. Not only that, a thorough analysis of your mock test will help you identify your weak areas, which in turn leads to course correction.


3. Previous Years Questions: I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to practice questions asked in the previous year’s exam. All shifts – every subject – pre + mains, It gives you a thorough idea of what SSC is all about & helps you prepare yourself for what comes next. Some of the question patterns may even repeat as an added bonus.

4. Aim Big: The competition is getting more and more brutal every year, the cut-off marks are rising at a tremendous rate. And that’s why you need to aim big, last year’s cut-off is no parameter for this year. Condition your mind to be 2 steps ahead of your competition in all respect.

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5. Distraction: Social media, COD, BGMI, IPL, web series, movies & what not… These distractions eat up your time like termites, and you don’t even realize. I don’t suggest giving these up entirely but define a harmless limit of indulgence and abide by it no matter what.

6. Study Hours: One of the most popular questions – How many hours should I study daily to crack SSC? The answer isn’t that simple. It is different for different people. Everyone has a certain personal pace of studying. It also depends on how focused, efficient & disciplined you are while studying. A better idea is to measure your daily output instead of study hours.

7. Weak Areas: Find out your Achilles’ heel and work on it. Do not give more time than necessary to one subject just because you like it more. Identify where you are going wrong and address the issues before it is too late.

8. Time Management: Always practice questions of Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning in a time-bound manner. The more time you save on easy questions, the more time you have to deal with the tough ones. Plus, in the actual exam if you are on track with respect to the time you’ll be more composed and will perform better that way.

9. Accuracy: Accuracy is one of the most crucial yet very underrated aspects of CGL examinations. Do not fall into the trap of “Safe Attempts”, No number of attempts is safe if you have not marked the correct answer while attempting those questions. Common reasons behind poor accuracy – Silly mistakes & wrong interpretation of the question. Be very attentive while reading the questions & disciplined while solving them.

10. The D-Day: The exam day. Everything comes down to those few hours that you spend in the examination hall. Therefore, it becomes crucial to carry the right mindset with you. Go into the exam hall with confidence and do not put yourself under too much pressure. Do not carry any mental baggage with you into the exam hall. Be calm & composed. Trust your preparation. Back yourself. Temperament makes a lot of difference, don’t let stress overpower you during the exam. & you’ll do great!

In the end, I would like to say – If you’ve chosen a certain path in life, be completely honest and committed to it. Either go after something with all that you have or not at all. Delay, abnormal normalization, rising cut-offs, decreasing vacancies…. Issues are many but there’s nothing you can do about it. It is what it is. What you can do? – Redirect your energy in the right direction and make sure your preparation is on a level that all these issues start to look insignificant. Develop the attitude of ‘Come what may, I will take the post that I desire against all odds’

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