Guidelines for the preparation of CLAT Legal Reasoning 

CLAT in General

The CLAT exam will offer admissions to students in both undergraduate and post graduate programs such as B.A LLB, B.Com LLB, BBA- LLB, B.Sc LLB and LLM.

Legal reasoning as a part of the syllabus of this exam, is a tricky section. This section has been included in CLAT exam to evaluate the problem solving ability of the candidates on legal issues as well as on legal principles based on comprehensive passages.

The legal reasoning section will have the weightage of approximately 25% of the syllabus which will include around 35 to 39 questions in the paper.

Guidelines for the preparation of CLAT Legal Reasoning

• To crack this section a candidate must finish this section within 32 to 34 minutes.

•A candidate must have the reading habit by working on reading speed and his or her effort shall be emphasized on grasping the reasoning of examiner behind the given passage.

•Every candidate of CLAT exam is suggested to read newspaper, magazines, Law related articles on regular basis to enhance the reading skills.

•Every passage shall be of about 450 words on legal issue followed by 5 to 6 questions.

• In some passages, special focus shall be on the questions relating to the conclusion of passages or supporting arguments to the issue as discussed in passages. On the other hand in some passages, hypothetical situation in form of assertion or reasons will be given to evaluate the ability of candidate of his decision making by applying legal knowledge.

Suggestions for the candidate

Candidate must read the comprehensive passage carefully and then go for solving the questions.

Author's intention behind the passage must be identified before answering. It will help the candidate in solving the questions keeping the view of author in back of his mind while answering.

Make the habit of reading carefully the law books, law related articles, newspapers etc. for developing reading skills and maintaining the reading speed to finish this section within 32 to 33 minutes.

Candidate must develop the logical attitude towards the law legal awareness. legal issues and legal principles. Candidate's logical thinking attitude will help him to select the appropriate option in the case where the author is going to ask some question of confusing and tricky nature.

Candidate must devote 2 to 3 hours to prepare the section on daily basis.

Candidates are suggested to solve the previous years' papers to find out the questions and passages in trend as asked in previous 5 years.

Attending mock test on regular basis is key for sure success.

Passage based questions | Legal reasoning for CLAT

  • Constitution of India
  • Contract
  • Law of Torts
  • Important legal maxims
  • Important legal terms
  • Criminal law
  • Leading case laws
  • Family laws
  • International Treaties and conventions affecting National legal framework

Reference books /Study materials

  • Legal awareness and Legal Aptitude by AP Bharadwaj.
  • Universal's guide for CLAT
  • Newspapers- The Hindu /The Indian Express
  • Current affairs for CLAT and Legal issues on website
  • Important judgements on YouTube
  • Online study on International Treaties and conventions affecting National Legal Framework

Have a good luck and looking forward for your sure success…..

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