Salary & Facilities of an IAS Officer

Salary & Facilities of an IAS Officer

Author: Pranay Jain || Anushka Academy, Udaipur

Every year thousands of students get selected for the most prestigious yet toughest job of India that is UPSC. With this starts the most inspiring journey full of dynamic and life-changing decisions.

Do you know what makes this job very attractive and why younger mass of India gets awestruck to be a Civil servant?

Let’s discuss the perks and privileges of a Civil servant which he gets over his/her career life:

Salary Of A Civil Servant

The rolling out of 7th pay commission has increased the salary of civil servants too. Before going on the chart of salary of Civil servant, let make this thing lucid that Civil servants can get posted in 3 domains: Central Secretariat, State Secretariat and District administration.

Pay Level

Basic Pay


Required years of servicePost
Central SecretariatState SecretariatDistrict administration
1056,1001 to 4Assistant-SecretaryUndersecretarySub-Divisional magistrate
1167,7005 to 8UndersecretaryDeputy secretaryAdditional District Magistrate
1278,8009 to 12Deputy secretaryJoint SecretaryDistrict Magistrate
131,18,50013 to 16DirectorSpecial secretary – cum – directorDistrict Magistrate
141,44,20016 to 25Joint secretarySecretary – cum – commissionerDivisional commissioner
151,82,20025 to 30Additional SecretaryPrincipal secretaryDivisional commissioner
162,05,40030 to 33Additional chief secretary
172,25,00034 to 36SecretaryChief Secretary
182,50,000Above 37Cabinet secretary of India

The Salary of an IAS officer Consist of:
1. Basic pay (Mentioned above)
2. Grade pay
3. House rent allowance (HRA)
4. Dearness allowance (DA)
5. Conveyance allowance
6. Medical Allowance

IAS Officer

Official Leaves And Holidays

An IAS officer is also entitled to few yet important leaves in his/her career. These are as follows:

Yearly Leaves
Casual leaves8
Earned leaves30
Half pay leave20 (in case of illness or study, but can be converted to full paid leaves)
Gazetted holidays20
Restricted Holiday2
Career Leaves
Child care leaves for women officers2 years (full pay)
Paternity leave15 days (each child)
Extra-Ordinary leave5 years in total without pay
Maternity leave180 days (each child)
Study leave2-3 years full paid

Perks and Allowances of an IAS officers

“With great responsibility, comes great perks too”

Being an IAS officer attracts lots of perks for a person. Few of them are mentioned below:

Job security:

This is the most lucrative perk that makes this services most attractive. It is practically impossible to remove an IAS officer from his/her post unless he/she has committed grave error.


The Government of India also provides accommodation (mostly lavish bungalow) to the IAS officers. Apart from this, they also get an additional help like cook, house help, security guard, security for the family, etc. (which they can accept or reject).


Government chauffeurs and High segment vehicles are provided to the IAS officers. More than one vehicle can also be provided according to their threat perception.


Special Security arrangement for the officer as well as their family is provided. For extra security, STF (Special Task force) commandoes are also provided.


Their Water, Phone, Gas, and Electricity Bills are also highly subsidized.

Study leaves:

Being an IAS Officer doesn’t make your learning/education stop. IAS Officers can get 2 years of study leaves (including applying to prestigious foreign universities). This golden opportunity can be used by those Officers who have served for 7 years and are required to sign a bond with respective authority, in lieu of promise to return to the country and serve as IAS after some years. Upto some extent, your expenses are covered by the Government.


After their incredible journey being an officer, they can be appointed to commissions. Apart from that, their services can be availed in different government departments, as an expert.

Although the Salary, perks, allowances and benefits are very handsome but the aspirants shall not make this the central goal of their Career. A signature of an IAS officer holds the potential to change the LIFE OF NATION and one should be very cautious while making decisions.

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